You'll have 1:30 minutes to talk about yourself, your art piece and the technique used so is very important to have a timer when is your turn!

    Screensaver World
    Flash Auction Friday September 24th

    20:00 EST/ 19:00 CST / 17:00 PST / 00:00 UCT

    Submittion Deadline Timer

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      To sell or buy you have to be on Discord!

      Google Spreadsheet of the Artwork submitted in this Flash Auction

      Watch the Livestream

      Both of this collections are made by Felirami (Founder) and JessyTsuki (Assistant). 100% of proceeds will go towards keeping this event alive. Click each banner for more information.

      SSW.AUCTION FLASH AUCTION is an event taking place every Friday at 8PM EST on the Screensaver World NFT platform.

      What is this about? Well artists submit their work through a google form in a period of time, then we gather all those art submittions and we put them into a nice looking gallery in cryptovoxels, after that we start the event at the said time and we give each artists 3 minutes to talk and auction their artwork, after the time runs out the artist has to accept whatever bid they got!


      Each piece will be auctioned in the order of the artist timezone, so artist which have a timezone more advanced will be first, that’s why we ask for city and country in the google forms
      Every artist must be on the discord voice room when the auction of his/her piece starts on the livestream (and on discord room too)
      Every piece will be auctioned for a time of 1:30 minutes (timer is shown in the livestream)
      Pieces can have more time if there is a problem
      If there’s a higher bid at the last second of the timer, there’ll be a 15 second window to let other people bid more
      If the artist is not present in the room their piece will be dropped to the last one of the night, if the artist is still not in the discord room at their second time of auctioning the piece then will be eliminated from the current auction
      When the time is up the artist has to accept any bid he/she got, if they do not accept the bid when the time is up then the artist may be banned from future flash auctions made by SSW.AUCTION
      This rules can be changed in future flash auctions made by SSW.AUCTION
      Anything can be talked, the rules are not written in stone

      If you want to help keep this project alive please consider giving a donation,
      any cryptocurrency or NFT is accepted
      Thanks! <3

      Wallet Address:


      Now we also accept FIAT as donation, it can be a one-time donation, a weekly donation or a monthly donation, any amount is greatly appreciated <3

      Gallery is still in the works